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All Shows Subject To Change. 

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1 Treehouse (Tremont) 6-9 Cat Duo (Denis & Dillon)

5 Rush Inn (Lakewood) CANCELLED Go Tribe!

6 Flat Iron (Cleve Flats) CANCELLED! Go Tribe!

7 Rocky River Nature Center "Hands on Heritage" (in the woods) 1:30-4:30 Cats Trio

7 South Cuyahoga Sportsman Assoc. (private party) Full Band

8 Tow Path Marathon (National Recreation Area) Beer Parlor/Finish Line 10-1 Full Band

13 Cleveland Convention Center-St. Vincent Charity Hospital Fund Raiser 7-9 Full Band

26 House of Blues(downtown Clevo) 8-11 Cats Duo (Denis & Dillon)

29 Beachland Ballroom(Collinwood) NRBQ (opening act COH) 8-?  Full Band (witnessone of the greatest R&R bands of all time) $20tickets available in advance


2 Rush Inn(Lkwd) 8-11 Cats Duo (Denis & Dillon)

3 Cleveland Public Theatre(Y-Haven Fundraiser) 6-8Duo(Denis and Dillon)

10 House of Blues(downtown Clevo) 9-12 Cats Duo (Denis & Dillon)

11 Brother"s Lounge Wine Bar- 8-11 Cats Duo (Denis & Dillon)

24 Music Box Supper Club "God Save The Kinks" w/Moss Stanley on keys  7:30 start time  followed by COH dance party GET TICKETS IN ADVANCE -  SURE TO SELLOUT!  



1 Flat Iron(east bank of Flats) 6-10 "Baby Boomer Special" Full Band

3 Rush Inn(Avon) 5-8 Cat Duo(Denis and Dillon)

7 Rush Inn(Lkwd) 8-11 Cat Duo(Denis and Dillon)

8 G.A,R. Hall (Peninsula)-"Cats On Holiday Annual X-mas Show"7-11 Full Band (tickets available in advance)

9 Basil's(Elyria) "Afternoon Delight" 1-4 COH 4 Piece

9 The Harp(Clevo Westside) 9-12 COH duo w/Pete Cavano

18 Vosh(Lkwd) "Tour of Good Cheer" Holiday Party- 6-8 Full Band

20 Visible Voice  Books (2258 Professor, Tremont)" My Cleveland Story" book signing w author Greg Cielec.  COH 4 piece  from 6-9 (proceeds from books and merch. donation to ALS (216 961 0084)

24 Music Box Supper Club-"Special X-mas Eve Brunch" 12-2 Full Band

29 Brother's Lounge Concert Room(Cle Westside) 9-12:30 Full Band

30 Balloon's(Ellicottville, NY) 6-9:30 COH 4 Piece




4 Rush Inn(Lkwd) 8-11 Cat Duo

5 Glenwillow Grille(S. Eastside) 8-11 Cat Duo

13 Margaritaville(East Bank Flats) 2-5 Cat Duo

19 Flat Iron(Old Flats) "Baby Boomer Special" 6:30-9:30 Full Band

25 House of Blues(Downtown Cle.) 8-11 Cat Duo

27 Firment(Avon) Chevy Benefit TBA Full Band



1 Rush Inn(Lkwd) 8-11 Cat Duo

2 Music Box Supper Club(West Bank Flats)  "Rockin the Rust Belt"- Songwriters Denis DeVito(backed by heavyweights Joe Hunter and Pete Cavano and more) & Conor Standish  and his backing band 8 to ? tickets available in advance

9 Glenwillow Grille(S. Eastside) 8-11 Cat Duo

10 East Bank of the Flats "Mardi Gras Beer Crawl"  TBA

13 Parkview Niteclub "Fat Tuesday Party" 6-10 Full Band

23 House of Blues(Downtonw Cle) 9-12 Cat Duo

24 Margaritaville(East Bank Flats) 6-9 Cat Duo



1 Rush Inn(Lkwd) 8-11 Cat Duo

10 Balloons(Ellicottville, NY) "Mardi Gras" 4:30-8 COH 4 Piece

11 Holimont Ski Resort(Ellicottville,NY) TBA

23 Glenwillow Grille(S Eastside) 8-11 Cat Duo

25 Treehouse(Tremont) 6-9 Cat Duo

30 Flat Iron(Old Flats) "Baby Boomer Special" 6:30-9:30 Full Band

31 House of Blues(Downtown Cle) 9-12 Cat Duo






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