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April 2019

2 Collision Bend Brewery(1250 Old River Road, East Bank Flats- 6-8 Denis and Dillon

4 Rush Inn(Lkwd) 8-11 Denis and Dillon

5 Glenwillow Grille(Village of Glenwillow) 8-11 Denis and Dillon

12 Private Party Chagrin Falls- Full Band

13 St. Edward High School-Fundraiser) TBA- Full Band

18 Burntwood Tavern(Brecksville) 7-10 Denis and Dillon

19 Flat Iron Irish Pub(East Bank of the Flats) “Baby Boomer Special” 6:30-9:30 Full Band

20 Brother’s Lounge Wine Bar- 9-12- COH Trio

26- Brother’s Lounge Concert Hall-”Drummin Up Support”(Benefit for Toby’s van and drum kit losses) $10 9-12 Full Band

27 South Cuyahoga Hunt Club-”Crawfish Boil” Full Band

28 Treehouse(Tremont) 6-9 Denis and Dillon


2 Rush Inn(Lkwd) 8-11 Denis and Dillon

3 Dante’s Inferno/Backyard Bocce(East Bank of the Flats 7-10 COH Duo (patio)

10 Burntwood Tavern(Lyndhurst) 7-11 Denis and Dillon


18 Willoughby Rib Burnoff(downtown Willoughby) 2:30-4:15 Full Band-outdoors

18 Wilbert’s Food and Music(Downtown Clevo) “Knuckleheads Tribe Baseball After Party” open to public- 7ish to 10- Full Band

25 Crocker Park Farmer’s Market-9:30-12:30 COH Duo

25 East 55th Marina-”First Outdoor Show of 19” 7-10 Full Band(special guest drummer-Jimmy Clark)

26 Music Box Concert Club(upstairs”Bring on the Summer Brunch Bash) “God Save The Kinks” 1st set, COH button-box driven high-energy Swamp party 2nd set. tx and info at

29 Walnut Wednesdays(Food Truck) 11:30-1:30 Denis and Dillon (outdoors)

31 Glenwillow Grille(Village of Glenwillow) 8-11 Denis and Dillon


1 Hessler Street Fair(University Circle) 1-2 Full Band (outdoors)

1 Sportsmen’s Club(Chautauqua NY) evening Full Band (private)

2 Legacy Village Art Fest- 11-2 Full Band (outdoor stage)

3 Vosh(Lakewood) Fundraiser 6-8:30 COH 4 piece tba on info

6 Rush Inn(Lkwd) 8-11 Denis and Dillon

7 Major Hooples(Westbank of the Cuyahoga River) 6-9:30 Full Band(outdoor patio)

8 Parade the Circle(University Circle) marching with Deb Apple Presser Ensemble- noon Denis and Dillon

8 Parade after party-4-7 full band

13 Van Aiken Farmer’s Market- COH Duo- 4-7 (outside)

14 Carner’s Top of the Flats Bar-8-11 (outside patio) full band (1329 Washington Ave.) ph. 216 795 5044

17 Legacy Village(-”Food Truck Monday” 12-2:30 Cat Duo(outdoor stage)

21 Planet Joy Party(Medina) TBA on info

22 Private wedding, Denis and Dillon

28 Boston Mills Art Festival(opening night party) 6-9 outdoor stage (special guest Pete Cavano on guitar)

29 Whiskey Island Distillery(Whiskey Isand/Windy Park) 2-6 Full Band(outdoor stage)

29 Tri-C Jazz Fest Street Party(Playhouse Square) Downtown Clevo 10-11 Full Band w/Moss Stanley on piano (outside)

30 Becka Family Party(Private) 3ish


3Thirsty Dog(Pups and Pints) East Bank of the Flats-4:30-7:30 Denis/Dillon (outside patio)

3 Rush Inn(Lakewood) 9-12 Denis/Dillon

5 Balloons(Ellicottville, NY) 6-10 full band

6 The Great Blue Heron Festival(Sherman, NY) 6:45-8 Dance Tent- Full Band

7 The Great Blue Heron Festival(Sherman, NY) 11-12:45 Songwriter’s Circle- Main Stage- Denis

7 The Great Blue Heron Festival(Sherman, NY) 1:10-2:10 Main Stage- Full Band

9 Wilbert’s Food and Music- “All-Star Game Pre-Party”- 5:30-7:30 Full Band

10 Akron City Summer Concerts(Shadyside Park(1240 Kenmore Blvd.) 7-9 Full Band- outdoors

11 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Italial Feast/Festival-6:30-9:30 Full Band (outside stage) 6928 Detroit Ave,

12 Lock 3 Live(Akron) “Italian Festival”- 7-8 Full Band

12 The Harp Irish Pub(Westside) 9-12 COH Duo (patio)

13 Private Wedding- evening- Full Band

14 Tall Ships Festival(downtown Cleveland, North of First Energy Stadium) 4-5 Full Band w/Dallas Coffey on guitar

15 Legacy Villaga- Food Truck Mondays-12-2 COH Duo

20 Private Party(Buffalo, NY) 8-12 Full Band

21 Brother’s Lounge-”Sarah Mooney Benefit” 2:30-4 Full Band

21 City of Westlake Summer Concert Series- 6-8- Full Band- outdoors

26 Emerald Necklace Marina)Cleve Metroparks) 6-9:30 Full Band, outdoors

27 Reel Bar()Put-in-Bay) 1-5 Full Band

28 Bay Arts Concert Series(Bay Village) 7-9 Full Band, (outdoors)


1 Rush Inn(Lkwd) 8-11 Denis and Dillon

2 Major Hooples(Westbank of Cuyahoga River) 6-9:30 Full Band (outdoor patio)

3 Crocker Park Farmer’s Market-9:30-12:30 Denis and Dillon

3 Lakewood Arts Festival- 3-4, Main Stage( In front of Lakewood Library)- 4 piece

6 M Italian(22 West Orange St., Chagrin Falls, 440 247 7474) 6-9 Denis and Dillon-patio

9 Lakewood Library Front Porch Series(downtown Lakewood) 7-9 Full Band (outdoors)

10 Whiskey Isand Distillery(Wendy Park/Whiskey Island) “God Save The Kinks” and COH 3-7 NOTE THE START TIME CHANGE-3-7 Full Band (outside)

12 Legacy Village-”Food Truck Mondays” 11:30-1:30 COH Duo

16&17 Boathouse(Put-in-Bay) 4-8 Dillon and Denis

18 Village of Lakeside(Catawba) “Summer Concert Series” 6-7:30 Full Band (outdoors)

22 Burntwood Tavern(8188 Brecksville Rd,Brecksville, OH) 7-10 Denis and Dillon

23 Legacy Village(Lyndhurst) 6:30-9:30 Full Band (outdoors)

24 Private Wedding(Bay Arts) evening Full Band

30 Carney’s Top of the Flats- 9-12 Outdoor Patio- Full Band


4 Rush Inn(Lkwd) 8-11 Denis and Dillon

6 Burntwood Tavern(N.Olmsted) 6-9 Denis and Dillon

8 Kamms Corners Farmer’s Market-10-1 COH Trio w/Pete Cavano

12 Fundraiser Lakewood “Megan George for mayor” 6-9 Denis and Dillon

13 Ray’s Place(Kent, OH) “Music Round Town Festival” 9:30-12:30

14 Bill Blatt “Cancer Fundraiser” (Avenue Tap House Parking Lot) Westend of Lakewood, 6-8 Full Band

15 Balloons(Ellicottville, NY) 1-4:30 Full Band

19 Pinstripes Pinecrest (Beachwood)- 6:30-8:30 patio(weather permitting) Denis and Dillon

20 Flat Iron’”Baby Boomer Special” 6-9:30 Full Band

22 Dunham Tavern-”Old Stone Church Festival” 1:30-3 Full Band

27 Burntwood Tavern(Brecksville) “Anniversary Party” 7-10 Denis and Dillon


1 Puritas Nursery(Westside Cleveland) “Cats Under Glass” Benefit for Tour of Good Cheer 6-9

3 Rush Inn(Lkwd) 7-10 Denis and Dillon

5 Private Party-Cuyahoga Falls, 4 piece

11 Burntwood Tavern(5600 Great Northern Blvd. North Olmsted) 6-9 Denis and Dillon

13 Towpath Marathon(National Recreation Area) 10-1 Full Band

17 Burntwood Tavern(8188 Brecklsville Rd, Brecksville) 7-10 Denis and Dillon

26 Cats On Holiday “Voodoo Halloween Party” 8-11 Puritas Nursery(19201 Puritas Ave. Cleveland(minutes from 480 Grayton exit)” We are gonna turn Cleveland’s oldest family run greenhouse into a New Orleans Voodoo Halloween.” $10 includes light snacks, water, ice, wash and a raffle tx to winPuritas Nursery Gift Card. Best Costume Contest. BYOB. Costumes very much suggested but not mandatory. Lawn chairs suggesed.


7 Rush Inn(Lkwd) 8-11 Denis and Dillon

9 Cleveland Public Theatre-”Y-Haven Benefit” 6:30-8 COH Duo

15 Flat Iron(East Bank of Flats)-”Baby Boomer Special” 6:30-9:30

22 Burntwood Tavern(North Olmested) 6-9 Denis and Dillon

27 Burntwood Tavern(Crocker Park) 6-9 COH Duo

29 Music Box Supper Club-”God Save The Kinks” 8-11. tx and info at or 216 242 1250


5 Rush Inn(Lkwd) 8-11 Denis and Dillon

6 Brother’s Lounge Concert Club(Westside Cleveland) 9-12:30

13 The Harp(Westside Cleveland) - 9-12

22 Music Box Concert Hall(West Bank of Flats) "COH X-Mas Show” 12-2 tx and info at or 216 242 1250

27 GAR Hall(Peninsula, OH) “COH Holiday Show” 8-11:30 tx and info at



































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